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Prophecy of Crazy Horse

crazy horse

Paha Sapa [the Black Hills]

This was passed on by Chief Joe Chasing Horse, a relative of the great Lakota warrior Crazy Horse. He translated it from the words of a grandmother who was  present when the words were spoken.

 This is a statement of Crazy Horse as he sat smoking the Sacred Pipe at Paha Sapa with Sitting Bull for the last time, 4 days before he was assassinated.

Many of these words are often repeated, but there is one line often left out, that of the “young white ones.”

I post this in honor of my Native American elders, including Grandfather Wallace Black Elk, Bear Heart and Sun Bear, who had the courage to fulfill this prophecy by passing on such beautiful Native teachings to the “young white ones” who came to them for help.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving PrayerThanksgiving prayers are common to most religious groups.  Native Americans had entire ceremonies just for the purpose of expressing thanks – sometimes they lasted for days.

This Thanksgiving Prayer comes from the Seneca Nation and is at least 500 years old.

It is traditionally done around a fire, with spiritual food on the altar.  I have adapted it to be used as a Thanksgiving Prayer on our national holiday:

Thanksgiving Prayer from the Seneca Nation

And now we are gathered together to remember the Great Mystery’s first instruction to us: to love one another always, we who move about on this earth.

And the Great Mystery said that when even two people meet, they should first greet each other by saying:  “Nyah Weh Skenno” which translates to “thank you for being” and then they may take up the matter with which they are concerned. 

 [Nyah Weh Skenno more literally means: “thank you for being alive in the here and now and not adding to the confusion of the world.”]

Thanksgiving and The Magic of Family Meal Time

family meal time

“The magic of family meal time comes not from the food on the plate but from who’s at the table and what’s happening there.  The emotional and social benefits that come from family dinners are priceless,” said Elizabeth Planet, CASA’s Vice President and Director of Special Projects.

Christmas and Thanksgiving have always been my favorite times of the year:  time with family and joyous celebrations.  From my 20s on, I lived in California and my family was on the East Coast so I chose Christmas as the time to go East to visit, and spent Thanksgiving with friends in California.

It was always a great day, but there was one very interesting phenomenon that happened most years:  everyone was very attached to having  dishes from their childhood Thanksgivings.  That meant we often ended up with multiple duplicate dishes, just made with different recipes.

I recall a Thanksgiving dinner for 8 that had two large turkeys, four different bowls of cranberries and an assortment of other dishes that could have fed 40.  I knew at the time it was because each of us wanted to recapture the magic of our childhood Thanksgiving, but only recently did I start to give it more serious thought.

Why Veterans Day Just Isn’t Enough

veterans dayTo me, Veterans Day, celebrated this Monday November 12, just isn’t enough to honor what our veterans have done for this country.

Although I am a pacifist, and was an active anti-war activist during the Vietnam War, I was ashamed of the way our veterans were treated when they returned home.

And I am still deeply saddened by the lack of support and care our veterans receive today.

Yes, war is horrendous, and perhaps if women were running the world there wouldn’t be any wars.  But those who did their duty and fought for us deserve better than one day to celebrate them.


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