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Can We Save The Earth With Vinegar And Baking Soda?

save the earthIs there a way to save the earth from home?  With vinegar and baking soda?

Taking action in saving the earth should be a priority of us all.

And sometimes big changes are the result of many people taking small steps.

Can one person change the course of environmental destruction with vinegar and baking soda?  Perhaps not.  But suppose everyone stopped using toxic cleaning products? Read on.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014, is Earth Day, an annual event encouraging environmental protection. It’s an important reminder to us all of what’s at stake.

For some time, Native American elders have predicted the time of  “Earth changes” – dramatic changes in weather patterns.  Part of the prediction was that the weather would be in the headlines on a regular basis.

Yes, we’ve reached that point now — this is the fulfillment of Native American prophecy.

The experts say that some of the change in weather patterns cannot be reversed – we just have to learn to adapt to it.

But we can keep it from getting worse by changing some of our own habits and patterns:

Why Native American Children Walk in Beauty


This excerpt from “The Wind Is My Mother” reveals how Native American mothers introduce their children to the natural world.  It is also the key to their children growing up learning to respect Mother Earth, live balanced lives and walk in beauty.

Bear Heart speaks:

“When I was just three days old, my mother took me to a hill top near our home and introduced me to the elements.

“First she introduced me to the Four Directions — East, South, West and North.  ‘I’m asking special blessings for this child.  You surround our lives and keep us going.  Please protect him and bring balance into his life.’

“Then she touched my tiny feet to this Mother Earth.  ‘Dear Mother, Grandmother Earth, one day this child will walk, play and run on you.  I will try to teach him to have respect for you as he grows up.  Wherever he may go, please be there supporting and taking care of him.’

What can we learn from a Starling Murmation?

 Starling murmationOne of the great miracles of nature is a starling murmation. Have you ever seen one?

A flock of starlings moving as one through the sky in a tight formation is called a murmation.

My first glimpse of a murmation was a small flock over the Santa Monica Mountains, seen from my office window years ago.

At the time, I likened it to “turning practice”  — they’d fly in one direction and then turn in unison to fly in another direction.  Over and over and over.

I didn’t get much else done that morning. I hadn’t yet heard of murmations.  And didn’t see it again until I came upon the video below, captured by wildlife photographer Dylan Winter.

It turns out that murmations can range from a small group of a few hundred starlings, to millions of starlings blocking out the sun.

Scientists don’t know how two birds separated by hundreds of feet and hundreds of other birds can move as one. They say the answer seems to be rooted in physics.

I prefer to think of it as rooted in the Lakota prayer, Mitakuye Oyasin – we are all related. We are all one, connected by an invisible web of unity.

Why the Spring Equinox is a tool for growth

 spring equinoxThis year the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is Thursday March 20, at 16:57 UTC [coordinated universal time].

It’s a day of equal balance of the hours of light and dark before the sun continues its journey towards longer daylight hours and warming temperatures.

The equinox energy is strong for four days before and after March 20th, giving us time to bask in the opportunities and lessons it brings.

The Spring Equinox is not just another day

Ancient cultures throughout history have celebrated this time of rebirth of Mother Earth. But what does it mean for us? 

The earth is comprised of 70% water and, on average, so is the human body.  That alone is a giant clue as to how interconnected we are.

What happens to the earth’s energy also happens within us, therefore we can experience more harmony if we work with the earth’s cycles instead of ignoring them.  It’s not just another day.

Here are some of the aspects of the Spring Equinox and how we can incorporate it into our own lives to help us better communicate with the spiritual forces of the earth.

Revisiting “How to Pray for Money”

how to pray for moneyLast year I wrote a post entitled “How to Pray for Money.”  It turns out to have been my most popular post, by far.

This tells me that people have great concern about their survival in an ever-changing world.  I understand that.  I go through those concerns myself.

And, in case you haven’t read the original post, it’s not literally about how to pray for money. Spirit doesn’t understand the concept of money.  The post is about the Native American teaching of how to pray to support yourself doing the work you’re on the planet to do.

Since I practice what I preach, I do pray for guidance in how to make my living doing what I love.

So I wanted to fine-tune my original post and add a few things I’ve learned since I wrote it.

What to do after you’ve prayed for money anything

First, you have to pay attention. Sometimes the answers to our questions or requests may come in ways we are not expecting.

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