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Earthing: why even astronauts need to do it

earthingDo you know what you have in common with astronauts?  You both need to be in touch with the energy of Mother Earth in order to be healthy.  And “Earthing” [also known as “grounding”] is an easy way to do it.

Keeping astronauts in touch with the earth

We are so dependent on the earth’s energy, also known as her electromagnetic fields [EMF], that when we leave the planet for prolonged periods, we suffer.

The first Astronauts in space for long periods experienced what was called “space sickness”  – nausea and disorientation.

The cause was a mystery until one scientist, Prof. Winfried Schumann, theorized it was because the astronauts, upon leaving the earth’s atmosphere, were deprived of the earth’s “song” or electromagnetic resonance.

The next space mission to leave earth had an instrument in it to emit 7.83 hz [hertz], the average frequency of the earths EMF.

The result? No more space sickness.

The frequency of 7.83 hz is now called the “Schumann resonance” and all modern spacecrafts are said to contain a device which simulates it.

New research indicates that the earth’s magnetic resonances vibrate at the same frequency as human heart rhythms and brainwaves.  This would help explain why the practice of “Earthing” [standing barefoot on the earth] is so comfortable and beneficial.

Earthing is not new!

It can’t happen here. But when it does…. 5 ways to find the silver lining in natural disasters

Silver LiningThere’s a saying that everyone knows they’re going to die, but no one believes it.  The same is true of natural disasters – everyone knows it could happen in their town, but no one believes it will.

And then it does.  And the big question will be:  were you prepared?

This is not the post I had planned for this week.  I was going to write about “Earthing” – the healing benefits of standing barefoot on Mother Earth.

But this week, my life got interrupted by a natural disaster, and I felt there would be more benefit in a post on the unexpected lessons that occur when Mother Earth seems [emphasis on the word “seems”] to turn against us.

Forest therapy: why a walk in the woods may be just what the doctor ordered

forest therapyOnce again, scientists are proving what indigenous people and nature lovers have always known:  being outdoors is healthy!   Specifically, new research shows that being surrounded by a forest environment, or “forest therapy” can improve your health.  And may even help fight cancer.

In Japan, forest therapy, or shinrin-yoku, is standard preventative medicine.  It’s not about being alone in the wilderness or extreme outdoor sports, it’s about allowing your body and psyche to hang out in the peace of the woods.

The term shinrin-yoku was coined by the Japanese government in 1982, but is based on ancient Shinto and Buddhist practices.  [There’s that ancient wisdom again!]  It’s also known as “forest bathing.”

It was just a few decades ago when people made fun of “tree huggers”  — as a former “tree hugger” myself, I now feel thoroughly vindicated!

The research on “forest therapy”

Japanese researchers studying “forest therapy,” have found measurable health benefits:

8 reasons why I don’t text. And a few reasons why others should

textingOver 8.6 trillion text messages are sent across the world each day.  And not one of them is from me.

I don’t text. And it’s not because I’m a technophobe.

As a writer, I spend most of the day on the computer and thank God regularly for the convenience it brings me.

And even though I love my iPhone, I have had texting disabled on it. Here are my reasons:

One: When one of my favorite T.V. characters was asked why he doesn’t text, he replied “It’s for teenage girls.” I’m inclined to agree.

The average teen sends over 3000 texts per month. But the average teenage girl sends 4000. And these texts have a 100% open rate. How does that leave time for anything else?

The Power of Prayer

power of prayerThe power of prayer can take many forms. Bear Heart said, “Let your every step be as a prayer.”

What does that mean to you?

To me it means walking the earth each day with respect. And it means being ready to offer a prayer at a moment’s notice.

And prayer can take the form of acts of kindness, because that carries the same energy as prayer.

Learning how to pray

I was raised a Catholic and prayer was something one memorized: the Our Father or the Hail Mary were the two most popular prayers I learned.

When I started attending Native American ceremonies, I was in awe of how people prayed from their heart, in their own words. It took a year or so of being in that environment before I felt comfortable praying out loud in ceremony. Now it’s second nature.

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