Things that get better with age

better with ageA friend recently emailed me this article about things that get better with age. It’s uncredited, and when I researched where it might have come from,  I found it all over the internet!

I never found an author credit, and I certainly don’t take credit for it. But these simple wisdoms can certainly lift our spirits at a time when we need all the inspiration we can get.

I hope you enjoy it!

Time gets better with age

I’ve learned that I like my teacher because she cries when we sing “Silent Night.” Age 5


I’ve learned that our dog doesn’t want to eat my broccoli either. Age 7

When thoughts and prayers may not be enough

thoughts and prayersWe live in a time of upheaval, confusion and great cruelty. It’s a time when sending “thoughts and prayers” is criticized as not enough. And it well may not be.

I write an inspirational blog but these days it’s been hard for me to write uplifting posts about the law of attraction, manifestation and maintaining a positive attitude when the news is filled with more and more tragedy on a daily basis.

Speaking for myself, I often feel angry and helpless. And I struggle to maintain a positive outlook. You may feel the same.

Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

Many spiritual teachers say that what is good right now is that what has always been hidden is being revealed. What is toxic is finally coming out so it can be eliminated and healed. I hope that’s true.

Meanwhile, what’s the average person to do?

How to be someone who can attract what you want

attract what you wantThis is a guest post by Rebecca Temsen on how to attract what you want in life:

Whether you have read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne or you have heard friends speak about the Law of Attraction, you may be wondering how you can really attract what you want in life.

Could something as simple as “believing in something” or “knowing it will happen” make our lives better?

It may seem like a tall-tale, but the law of attraction may actually work.

Here are some practical and easy-to-understand ways in which the law of attraction works:

Why the Solar Eclipse is just what we need right now

solar eclipseThere have been a lot of articles recently about the upcoming solar eclipse.

For the scientific perspective, here’s a good article from NASA.

But I’d like to share a spiritual perspective, which is what many of us are looking for.

Why this? Why now? What does it mean?

To bring the sacred into everyday life, start with a sacred kitchen

sacred kitchenTo find the heart of any home, the place where joy is born, where people feel nurtured and healed, nourished and comforted, look no further than the sacred kitchen.

Not being much of a cook, I never had much appreciation for kitchens. Living alone, I usually only have to cook for myself and always keep it simple.

When I attended Native American gatherings where women were typically involved in food preparation, I always demurred and preferred physical outdoor labor such as chopping wood and carrying water.

But that all changed after a profound experience I had while attending a Sun Dance ceremony in the southwestern U.S. some years ago.

Prior to the actual ceremony beginning, there were both Caucasians and Native Americans in attendance. The intercessor [leader] was a Native American who I knew as a qualified, experienced elder.

A disagreement had arisen in the camp because several of the Native men did not want Caucasians present, and did not want to follow the instructions of the leader, who they had ceremonially asked to conduct the ceremony.

That was an unfortunate situation, because when an elder is asked to conduct a ceremony the best way they know how, the protocol is that they are respected and the parameters they set up are to be followed. Not this time, however.