Testimonials re: classes

Testimonials re: Pathways to the Divine

“This was a good experience in that it reminded me that it may be possible to transcend ‘ordinary’ reality.” Marcia R., Granville, OH

“Everyone deserves at least one, cosmic, Divine experience.” I loved it! Stephany A., Granville, OH

“I came away with a heightened sense of the connection we all have to Source, to energy and to each other” Carolyn R., Granville, OH

“The Workshop has given me a valuable context for an ongoing quest for personal growth. John and Molly are fantastic facilitators.” Kathleen S., Granville, OH


Testimonials re: Healing Classes

“Your passion, compassion, enthusiasm and encouragement were obvious and appreciated. I feel energized and empowered to access my connection to the flow of healing that has been waiting to move through me.” H.S., Ohio

“The instructors do an excellent job of creating a safe and loving space in which to learn and grow.” M.C., Ohio

“The teachers ‘tag teamed’ this class with knowledge and positive energy and created a weekend that was safe, informative and powerful. A truly transformative experience.” J.W., Ohio

“Very informative class taught with laughter, love and spiritual upliftment.” Ohio

“This course helped me to explore a deeper dimension of healing within myself. The facilitators were excellent.” Michigan

“Your course empowers me to empower others, which makes the world glow with light.” Michigan

“This course was a spiritual awakening as well as a physical healing. I am eager to continue to grow and learn more.” Michigan

“This course is life changing.” Michigan

“You have given back to me the ability to be a vessel to heal others – something our world took away from us at youth.” Wisconsin

“I came to the Course unaware of the powerful impact healing has on many aspects of our lives, and left realizing that what I learned will become part of who I’ll be going forward.” Michigan