"I host Inner Journey with Greg Friedman, the number one rated program on KX93.5fm in Southern California. Molly Larkin is a pleasure to spend time with on or off the air. Her insight and wisdom entertain and intrigue my audience and there was a dramatic bump in ratings when she was generous enough to make a second appearance on Inner Journey." Greg Friedman, Inner Journey

Molly is a regular guest on podcast and radio shows. Contact her to book an interview at:

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Meditations on the Natural World

The Fountain of Youth Is Just a Breath Away

The Wind is My Mother

Information on Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is the energy medicine modality taught by England’s NFSH-The Healing Trust and now taught in the U.S.  Molly Larkin is one of their U.S. instructors.


Spiritual Healing Interview Questions

Selected Podcast and Radio interview excerpts:

The following is a 2.5 minute excerpt of my July, 2019 interview on Intrinsic Motivation

The following is a 3-minute excerpt from an interview by Ian Beith on Radio Upper Murray in Walwa, Victoria, Australia.

The following is a 3 minute excerpt of my February 2018 interview by Joel Ying, M.D. on Living the Present Moment Podcast