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The True Halloween History: Honoring Our Ancestors

halloween historyMost of us think of October 31 as Halloween, a time to dress up in costumes and make merry. But Halloween history tells of so much more.

In Celtic times, it was a time to honor those who have gone before us.  The masked figures represent the spirits of the dead: our ancestors.

A Wee Bit of Celtic Halloween History

The ancient Celts, going back 4,500 years, divided each year into the dark half and the light half.  The end of the light half was marked by Samhain [pron. Sow-ihn], a time when they were stockpiling food for the winter and giving thanks to the Sun God.

It is also a time of year when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest – an appropriate time to invite the souls of the dead to come back for a visit. Candles kept in the window guide the souls back home and a place is set at the table for them.

One of My Favorite Irish Stories: “The Pious Man”

irish storiesNext week being a major Celtic spiritual day, I wanted to lead up to it with one of my favorite Irish stories.  Please pardon the colloquialisms; you must imagine it being spoken with an Irish brogue:

There was a man there long ago, and he had a great name for himself as being very holy.

He was the first up to the chapel on Sunday, and there was never a mission he wasn’t at, praying all around him.  And he was being held up as a good example to the sinners as a very holy man that never missed his duty.

Well, he said to himself, it would be a good thing for him to count all the times he was at Mass, so he got a big timber box and he made a hole in the cover of it, and he locked the box so that no one could interfere with it in any way, and he hid the key where no one could possibly find it.

A Lesson from “A Course in Miracles” — How to Undo Fear

This is a guest post from reader Ellinor Halle of Norway on “A Course in Miracles” – excellent advice to live by.

A Course in MiraclesHave you heard of book called ”A Course in Miracles?”   It’s a great book which can change your life.

I have been practicing “A Course in Miracles” for many years and it has really helped me to go past the fear that prevents us from being ourselves no matter who we are with.

The Course works with the God-given energy that is inside us all, called the Holy Spirit in the book.

When you follow the workbook each day, it helps you to connect to that energy inside us.  Then the voice of fear that belongs to the nightmare of childhood (our thoughts that are babbling away, or our ”ego” according to the book) becomes more and more quiet.

We are then able to connect to all people with our heart no matter how they behave or treat us because the illusions from the childhood nightmares are not able to take hold of us any longer.

We start seeing beyond the ”negative” personality and our speech becomes guided by the Holy Spirit.  This might result in an act of will, or an act of love, or a combination of the two, depending on your childhood story.

A Practical Step

What has helped me a great deal every time I have a negative thought towards another person, or myself, or my stomach gets filled with fear (from childhood) is this sentence:

”God is with me. I cannot be deceived.”

Say it silently and wait….

and then what happens for me is that I get connected to the Holy Spirit inside myself and the Holy Spirit inside the other person and the whole situation changes miraculously.

That’s why the book is called ”A Course in Miracles.”   It undoes fear.

A Magical Question

Another sentence that is magical is to silently ask, ”What can I do for him, Your holy Son?”

When your are standing in front of a person and he asks you/tells you something that you have no idea how to answer, just ask within:

”What can I do for him, your holy Son?”

Wait…. and the answer will be given to you.

It will come either from yourself, the person who is standing in front of you or another person in the room.

To God all people on earth are holy Sons of God and we are all innocent.

This may be very difficult to grasp, but it is really true.

Angels All Around Us

According to ”A Course in Miracles” every person you meet in your life who touches you negatively is a hidden angel who was sent and asked for by you on a deeper unconscious level.

Those people make you aware of the wounds and anxieties from childhood that need to be healed.

These ”enemies” will continue to come in different disguises until you have understood their message. God said to love your enemies. It truly works!!

If you really try to look deep within when someone (an ”enemy”) irritates you or makes you feel sad or any kind of negative emotion, then you will always find the reason for your upset comes from childhood negative experience.

You will then have the possibility to understand why you react and become healed.

Sometimes the childhood experience is so harsh that we need support to heal the wound…due to the big amount of fear that is inside us.

The more you quiet down the ”babbling” of your brain, the more you are able to steer your thoughts and get help from the Holy Spirit in the moment of anxiety.

When you manage to be in the ”here and now” with a quiet mind, it is so easy to get help from the Holy Spirit.  I wish the whole world could get to know this. It will save us from ourselves.

I hope you don’t mind me giving you the above thoughts. I just have the feeling that they might be very important for all of us.

What is Civilization?

Just what is “civilization?”

I asked myself that question after writing last week’s post about Christopher Columbus NOT being the first to discover the New World.  And his still being celebrated for paving the way for Europeans to bring “civilization” to the west.

Will Durant on Civilization

Will Durant spent 50 years writing “The Story of Civilization” and says that civilization is marked by four elements:

  • economic provision
  • political organization
  • moral traditions
  • pursuit of knowledge and the arts

He also added:

  • Unifying moral code,
  • Unity of basic belief [faith or devotion].
  • Education: a means of transmission of culture.

“The disappearance of these conditions — sometimes of even one of them — may destroy a civilization.”  Will Durant

The Native American societies of North America lived by the above principles for centuries before the arrival of Columbus.

The Myth of Christopher Columbus: First Illegal Alien

Christopher columbusImagine a foreign-speaking stranger, by the name of Christopher Columbus, walked into your house one day, claimed it was now his and threw you out, or even enslaved or killed you and your family.

Would you celebrate him with a national holiday?

Neither would I.

Yet the United States and other countries in the West continue to celebrate Christopher Columbus as having discovered the “New World” even though there was a perfectly marvelous civilization already living here.

[Columbus Day in 2012 is Monday, October 8 – a Federal holiday.]

My Lakota dad Wallace Black Elk called Columbus “the first illegal alien.”

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