My heart broke Tuesday night

my heart brokeMy heart broke Tuesday night, as I watched the unthinkable happen. Hillary Clinton, the most qualified presidential candidate ever to run in my lifetime, was defeated by a racist, sexist, mysoginist, bullying, pathological liar.

Of course, it didn’t help that Clinton was a woman.

Ironically, she won the popular vote, but our antiquated electoral-college system gave it to the other guy.

What has happened to our country? What is happening in the world?

I have always known the U.S. was a racist, sexist country, but never knew just how racist and sexist until now. Yet when there is an infection, a festering wound, the puss that comes out also leads the way to healing.

Hopefully that is what will happen here. Seeing what is wrong in our country is the first step to fixing it.

I know that many people didn’t like Hillary Clinton, and I think that most of that dislike was undeserved. I have followed her career for decades, and admired her grit and dedication.

  • People have called her too guarded, but if you had her history, you’d be guarded, too. Women of our generation who have pursued professional careers had a big mountain to climb to pave the way for those who came after. I was once turned down for a job by being told, “you’re very well qualified but I’m afraid if I hire and train you, you’ll get pregnant and leave.”   [There are laws against that now, fortunately.]
  • I remember her being vilified for taking on a big cause [healthcare] as First Lady, when most First Ladies promoted simpler, less controversial causes.
  • I saw her vilified for going by her maiden name, Hillary Rodham – so much so that she ended up going back to the last name of Clinton to silence the critics. I’ve written before about the questionable habit of women taking their husband’s last name when they marry. That’s a holdover from the days when women were considered the property of their husbands. Haven’t we come farther than that?
  • She was criticized for standing by her husband when it was revealed he had an affair, and criticized by others for not leaving him. Make up your mind, America.
  • Hillary has told the story of sitting for the law school bar exams and, when the proctor left the room, men in the room would make catcalls telling the women to get out because women shouldn’t be lawyers. What do you do in the face of such misogyny? Put your head down, your guard up and, keep on going. Of course she’s guarded, as most women are who have been through that shit.
  • I have been astounded at, and saddened by, the lies spread about her and readily believed. Because she’s a woman; because she’s the first, because she had the audacity to run for an office always held by men.

Her wounds are every woman’s wounds.

I have admired her grace and determination under pressure; her decorum and dignity in debates when her opponent constantly interrupted and threatened her. She has been inspiring.

“I still believe as deeply as I ever have, that if we stand together and work together with respect for our differences, strength in our convictions, and love for this nation, our best days are still ahead of us.” Hillary Clinton concession speech

The resurrection of the Goddess

There was a time in the early history of humanity that God was viewed as a woman.

How we went from female/earth-based religions to patriarchy is the subject of a legion of books that I won’t go into here.

In actual fact, in ancient times, it would be male and female energies together, because the Divine is both male and female. When you don’t honor both, you leave half of God out of the equation.

If you go back to Aramaic, the original language of Christ, you will find that The Lord’s Prayer which today starts with “Our Father” should more accurately be translated as, “Father, Mother, God.”

talk with mother earthIn early history, the Earth was our Mother and honored as such. In my experience, native peoples still honor the earth, but the influence of Christianity has caused many to change their view of the Creator back to male.

When I was traveling through Mexico a year ago with my Maya teacher, I noticed that many of the shrub-covered hillsides were pyramid shaped. I asked him if there were old Maya ruins under them. He replied that, indeed there were, and that only a small percentage of all the Maya cities have been excavated and dug out.

He also said they’ve discovered that the newest ruins being excavated were originally dedicated to the Divine Feminine. And that the Maya believe that now is the time for the return of the Divine Feminine to bring balance back to the earth and her people.

So we had this amazing opportunity to bring back the feminine in the form of a female president of the United States. And what happened? The male patriarchy shot her down.

Because it’s time for the Divine Feminine to return, the patriarchy will fight that much harder to repress her. And we just can’t let that defeat us,.

To a great extent, this election was influenced by three white male organizations:

The FBI, the KGB and the KKK, among other forms of patriarchy:

  • The FBI by Director Comey inappropriately announcing a week before the election that there were more emails to be examined, then a week later announcing, oh, never mind, there was nothing wrong there.
  • The KGB by Russians hacking Democratic Party emails and releasing them to Wikileaks who in turn released them to the world. Big investigation and hearings over Hillary’s emails and, once again, there was nothing wrong there.
  • The KKK – the white supremacist organization – which supported Donald Trump and gave voice to a large segment of our population who are filled with hate against anyone not white.
  • By a concerted voter suppression effort to keep the poor, and minorities, away from the polls because those segments of our society tend to be Democrats.
  • By fear. “My life/job/finances aren’t working, so let’s make a dramatic change in our government and see if that helps.”
  • By a failure in our education system to teach Civics – how our government works. A shocking number of our populace haven’t read the U.S. Constitution and don’t understand how our democracy works. They think that a president can make sweeping changes that they simply can’t without the support of Congress.
  • And the Divine Feminine in the form of Mother Earth is under attack by corporate greed and pollution and oil companies who keep building pipelines that break and pollute our waters and land. Raping the land, raping the Mother.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the drift.

The Earth is a woman and she is the one that lost Tuesday night- she is hurting just as we all are by the sudden realization that our society is not as enlightened as we had hoped. That we are not all as safe as we thought we were.

But we can be, if we don’t get discouraged. If we continue the fight for the environment, for voting rights, for equal rights for all; if we sign petitions, work and donate to causes we believe in.

To my fellow women: don’t feel defeated in in the face of discrimination, sexual harassment and disrespect. Find your inner warrior and follow the Maori teaching: “Know who you are and stand tall.”

So that the next time a woman runs for any elected office, she will win with ease, because the warrior in all of us will fight hard to support the Maya prophecy of the return of the Divine Feminine. Our country will be ready because we paved the way.

And how do you defeat hate and darkness?

my heart brokeBy being the light.

By going high when they go low.

Praying for those stuck in fear and darkness.

“When you don’t get the leader or government or luck you want in life, you get 30 minutes to sulk. Then you get up and get to work being the change you want to see in the world. The only real loss is in resigning your beliefs and efforts because of a few setbacks.” Brendon Burchard.

There you have it – do the work, raise your vibration.

Be kind to everyone because we all need it now.

Find a cause you believe in and fight for it.

See the best in people; don’t gossip and don’t believe gossip [that goes for you, Hillary-haters]. Do your homework rather than blindly believing every post on Facebook.

The light always outshines the darkness.

Together we can resurrect this nation, and world, to something better.

“Never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.” Hillary Clinton



Molly Larkin

Molly Larkin is the co-author of the international best-seller "The Wind Is My Mother; The Life and Teachings of a Native American Shaman”  and other books on health. She is passionate about helping people live life to their fullest potential through her classes, healing practice and blog at www.MollyLarkin.com

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