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The Power of Prayer

power of prayerThe power of prayer can take many forms. Bear Heart said, “Let your every step be as a prayer.”

What does that mean to you?

To me it means walking the earth each day with respect. And it means being ready to offer a prayer at a moment’s notice.

And prayer can take the form of acts of kindness, because that carries the same energy as prayer.

Learning how to pray

I was raised a Catholic and prayer was something one memorized: the Our Father or the Hail Mary were the two most popular prayers I learned.

When I started attending Native American ceremonies, I was in awe of how people prayed from their heart, in their own words. It took a year or so of being in that environment before I felt comfortable praying out loud in ceremony. Now it’s second nature.

The First Day of Spring – A Time for Balance

day of balanceWhat does the first day of spring mean for us?

This year the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is Wednesday, March 20, 7:02 a.m. Eastern Time: a day of equal balance of the hours of light and dark before the sun continues its journey towards longer daylight hours and warming temperatures.

The equinox energy is strong for four days before and after March 20th, giving us time to bask in the opportunities and lessons it brings.


Ancient cultures throughout history have celebrated this time of rebirth of Mother Earth. But what does it mean for us? 

The earth is comprised of 70% water and, on average, so is the human body.  That alone is a giant clue as to how interconnected we are.  What happens to the earth’s energy also happens within us, therefore we can experience more harmony if we work with the earth’s cycles instead of ignoring them.  It’s not just another day.

The Adventures of an Irish Setter on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's DayThe Irish are known for being clever, particularly when it comes to getting out of a sticky situation.  So it’s only natural they have such a glorious celebration on March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day, celebrating all things Irish.

And it’s not just the humans who are clever.  So are our animals, as this story demonstrates.

Many years ago a wealthy Irish man decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by going on Safari to Africa.  And he took along his faithful Irish Setter for company.

One day the dog started chasing butterflies and before long he discovered he was lost.  While wandering about he notices a leopard heading rapidly in his direction with the obvious intention of having lunch.

The dog thinks, “Boyo, I’m in deep trouble now.”

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem


Power posing

In my work as healing practitioner, there is a consistent pattern I’ve discovered when people don’t get well, or don’t achieve a goal:   They have low self-esteem and don’t believe they are worthy of health, wealth or success.

And I’m here to encourage you to get over that right now.  You absolutely do deserve everything wonderful in life.  You are indeed worthy of all good things.

I can think of a few reasons why low self-esteem is so pervasive in our culture:

First, we are surrounded with advertising that inundates us with the message that we have to be slimmer, taller, blonder or better dressed in order to have value.

We’re constantly being compared to supermodels.  It’s humiliating.  And it’s just plain wrong.

Even our parents, in misguided attempts to motivate us, sometimes make us feel belittled by comparing us to other children.

Second, we fall victim to the “tall poppy syndrome” – this is a social phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are resented, attacked, or criticized when their talents or achievements elevate them above their peers.

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