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New year, new you?

new you

There’s a lot of talk of “new year’s resolutions” these days. Probably because the new year seems a good time to create a “new you.”

What is a “new you?” That is a personal question that each must answer for themselves.

For me, it has to do with qualities of being rather than getting a new wardrobe or hairstyle. Those things have their place, but if you’re a reader of this blog, you probably want to look a little deeper at your life.

I always strive to be a better version of myself: less judgmental, more compassionate and forgiving, kinder, more nurturing. The list goes on.

One of my frequent prayers is for help in taking my spiritual work to the next level, and I think developing qualities like that are excellent hallmarks of a spiritual life.

Food for thought. But yes, I also want to lose the five pounds I gained over the holidays!

So now on to the practical tips for making change:

A gift for you: The Fountain of Youth ebook is free now

Cover - FOUNTAIN - front onlyI’m delighted to announce I have a new book out and the e-book is FREE on Amazon today and tomorrow. [Friday December 11 and Sunday December 12].

The Fountain of Youth Is Just a Breath Away; Breathing Exercises for Relaxation, Health and Vitality.

Inside you will find:
  • research on why good respiratory capacity is the key to healthy longevity
  • Steps to calm the mind, reduce stress and balance emotions
  • how to enhance your spiritual practice
Here are excerpts from some of the 5-star Amazon reviews:
  • “a remarkable primer on a subject that seems so basic and yet we are shown here that there is much to be known”
  •  “useful, informative and inspiring
  •  “a powerful little book”
  • highly recommended

It’s also available as a paperback, but unfortunately that’s not free!  🙂  However, the paperback would make a great holiday gift for your loved ones!

You do NOT need a Kindle to read the e-book. You can read it on any computer or tablet by downloading the FREE Kindle App software .

Don’t like to read ebooks?  Get the paperback here.

The latest research is showing that deepening our breath can have profound effects on our well-being, as discussed in this article from the November 16, 2015 issue of Time Magazine: “Save Your Breath”

“What is right with you?”

what is rightHas anyone ever asked you that? “What is right with you?”

No one’s ever asked me that, but I certainly recall being asked, “what is wrong with you?” by parents, teachers and employers. I’m sure we all have.

All too often we, and others, focus on what is wrong with us. But there is more right than wrong with all of us.

Just as there is more that is right in the world than is wrong in the world.

People complain that there is only bad news reported in newspapers and the evening news. Well, the good news is that these events are out of the ordinary; that’s why it’s news!

The truth is that planet earth and everything on it is part of an amazing Creation, and we are each magnificent beings of light. Spiritual beings learning to be human.

We forget that a lot.

For some reason we seem to be trained to look for what is wrong.

I would say that 95% of my first-time clients ask, at the end of the healing session, “what did you pick up? What do you think is wrong with me?”

Meaning, they’re hoping for a clairvoyant reading that will tell them the problems I found.

I give everyone the same answer:

What eagles can teach us about Courtship

courtshipThere is always much to be learned from the animal world, even about courtship . . . and even from eagles.

I myself made many bad relationship choices in my youth; I always seemed to go for flash and no substance in men. And part of that came from not valuing myself enough.

How many of us settle for less than we deserve, rather than be courageous enough to be on our own? I believe it’s a common issue among both men and women.

Thankfully, I eventually matured and learned that not wanting to be alone was a poor relationship standard. Once I learned to respect and value myself, I no longer made those poor choices.

I believe learning to value ourselves, just as we are, is one of the most important, character-building things we can do for ourselves.

So I really enjoyed reading the following two teachings from Native American elders about how to choose a mate.

The urban legend of the right to bear arms

right to bear arms

The more something is repeated, even if untrue, the more it will be believed. This is particularly true of the belief that the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives individuals the “right to bear arms.”

The Second Amendment, passed by Congress in 1789, consists of one poorly crafted sentence: “A well regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

For 200 years, it was understood that the Second Amendment only gave an individual the right to bear arms within an organized militia.

This changed in the 1970s after a methodical political campaign by the National Rifle Association [NRA] led to its being reinterpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Read on to understand how this came about.

According to the Huffington Post, last week’s mass shooting in Oregon was the 265th mass shooting in the U.S. in 2015. That’s not a typo.

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