Earthing: why even astronauts need to do it

earthingDo you know what you have in common with astronauts?  You both need to be in touch with the energy of Mother Earth in order to be healthy.  And “Earthing” [also known as “grounding”] is an easy way to do it.

Keeping astronauts in touch with the earth

We are so dependent on the earth’s energy, also known as her electromagnetic fields [EMF], that when we leave the planet for prolonged periods, we suffer.

The first Astronauts in space for long periods experienced what was called “space sickness”  – nausea and disorientation.

The cause was a mystery until one scientist, Prof. Winfried Schumann, theorized it was because the astronauts, upon leaving the earth’s atmosphere, were deprived of the earth’s “song” or electromagnetic resonance.

The next space mission to leave earth had an instrument in it to emit 7.83 hz [hertz], the average frequency of the earths EMF.

The result? No more space sickness.

The frequency of 7.83 hz is now called the “Schumann resonance” and all modern spacecrafts are said to contain a device which simulates it.

New research indicates that the earth’s magnetic resonances vibrate at the same frequency as human heart rhythms and brainwaves.  This would help explain why the practice of “Earthing” [standing barefoot on the earth] is so comfortable and beneficial.

Earthing is not new!

Some people are claiming that Earthing is a new discovery, but Native Americans have always known its importance.  Here is what Bear Heart had to say in The Wind Is My Mother on the healing properties of Mother Earth:

“We look to the North for emotional, physical and mental health.  We may have a loved one who’s ill or perhaps we’re sick and we want to get well.  Lay down on this Mother Earth with your navel towards her and your head to the North.  We can still receive healing energy from this Earth.

“People talk about healing Mother Earth but there’s no one powerful enough on this planet to heal Mother Earth — we can help to preserve and replenish some of the good things on the Earth, but to heal her, that’s something else.  She continues to heal us and give us energy.

“You may have heard of the great warrior Crazy Horse.  His Indian name was actually Prancing Horse, but the closest English equivalent to his Indian name was Acting Like Crazy, so the translation came out as Crazy Horse.  He used to stand barefoot on this Mother Earth for hours at a time to get his energy going.

“If you’re in a three or four story building it will take a little longer for the energy to rise up, but in time it will reach you.  It’s still Mother Earth because Mother Earth gave us this wood, these bricks and concrete.  Everything that we have — what we live in, what we wear, eat and drive — came from the Earth and we can still get energy from her.”

And it isn’t just the earth as a whole we become acclimated to.  We can also become attuned to the specific energy of the geographic area in which we live.   Bear Heart taught that:

“If you’re not on the magnetic lines you’re accustomed to, you don’t feel quite right.  The elders understood this and had a way of aligning the people to tolerate uncomfortable places when they traveled. They would stand facing either south or north and sing certain songs over and over until the people felt better. . .

“Whenever the tribe arrived in a new camp, the medicine man had a blessing song he would sing so the energy would be calm and the children would sleep through the night without crying. Through their medicine ways, they put everything in a peaceful situation.”

Why Earthing is good for us

New research indicates that our disconnection from the earth contributes to chronic pain, fatigue and poor sleep.

And it’s no wonder we’re disconnected because we spend less time outside than we used to.  And when we are outside, we’re probably wearing shoes with plastic or rubber soles, which don’t allow the beneficial electrons from the earth to pass through to our feet.

Our bodies were designed over millions of years to reap the benefit of going barefoot.  There are 1,300 nerve endings per square inch in the soles of our feet, more than any other part of our body.  These nerve endings are what allow the free electrons from Mother Earth to so easily migrate up into the body and be spread through your tissues.

Earthing brings about a shift in the electrical state of our body and enhances the body’s natural healing response.  Research has found the following results attributable to Earthing:

  • Reduced swelling, redness, heat and pain in patients with acute inflammation
  • Faster healing
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced stress
  • Decreased muscle pain
  • Faster recovery from jet lag
  • Improvement in neuropathy
  • And a whole lot more

How Earthing promotes antioxidents and counters free radicals

The human body is constantly replacing and regenerating cells, 24 hours a day. It’s a natural part of the life cycle.

The down side is that 1-2% of cells are damaged in the process and turn into “free radicals” – damaged cells on the loose which attack healthy cells and are responsible for aging, tissue damage, inflammation and some diseases.

Antioxidents, which the body produces naturally, help protect healthy cells from damage by free radicals.

James Oschman, Ph.D., who’s done an enormous body of research on energy medicine, believes negatively charged free electrons from the earth are the most potent antioxidants available. They neutralize the free radicals, bringing the body back to a point where its self-healing properties are maximized.

Inflammation:  Many doctors believe that most of today’s illness is a result of chronic inflammation.  And inflammation is considered to be the buildup of free radicals.

We’ve all witnessed inflammation when we get an injury: it manifests as pain, redness, loss of range of motion and swelling.  This was always considered a natural part of the healing process but new information reveals that inflammation occurs because of lack of electrons in our tissues.

When you place your feet on the ground after an injury, electrons will flow up into your body and spread throughout your tissues, thereby mitigating inflammation.

Many professional athletes practice Earthing for just that reason.

The nuts and bolts of Earthing

I learned about the modern take on Earthing from the work of Dr. Stephen Sinatra, co-author of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

The best surfaces for Earthing are to sit, stand or walk barefoot for 20-40 minutes on:

  1. the beach [close to or in the water, as sea water is a great conductor]
  2. grass, especially when covered with morning dew
  3. dirt
  4. concrete.  It’s a good conductor if it hasn’t been sealed.  Paint doesn’t allow electrons to pass through very well. 

What about winter, when it’s too cold to go barefoot?  Or the desert where it’s too hot?  I just purchased an Earthing Universal Mat & Cover to put under my bare feet while I work on the computer all day.  The user reviews were impressive so I feel confident this is an excellent addition to being outside barefoot as much as possible.

I particularly liked the idea of the mat because it will allow my indoor cats to experience Earthing.  Because I live in the country with coyotes and foxes, I don’t feel it’s safe to let them outdoors.

You can even buy Earthing bed sheets if you are so inclined; but the mat can also be placed on your bed.

Materials that inhibit Earthing

Putting rubber and plastic on the bottoms of our shoes disconnects us from earth energy. Leather soled shoes are o.k., especially moccasins.

Asphalt, wood and plastic will not allow electrons to pass through so are not appropriate for barefoot Earthing.  While wood seems natural, it doesn’t conduct electrons.

We live in a technological world but perhaps the most remarkable technology for our health is right beneath our feet.  It’s important to realize this is not a one-stop fix.  Earthing should become a lifestyle.

I’ve put a lawn chair in the back yard where I can sit and meditate or read with my feet on the earth every day.

Take your shoes off now and then and stand, sit or walk on the beach or on grass for 20-40 minutes.  Your body will thank you as it returns to its natural state of health.

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  1. Corey

    Hey Molly, such an awesome post! I am going to be walking around barefoot a lot more. I’m the type of person that walks around in socks all day :/ But thank you again Molly!

    • Molly Larkin

      Thank you, Corey. Yes, it’s going to be an adjustment for me, too. But I believe will be more than worth it.

  2. Martin Zucker

    Hi Molly
    I read your article with interest and was particularly drawn to the comment about Crazy Horse standing for hours to draw energy from the Earth.
    As the co-author of the Earthing book, I am always on the lookout for information showing that the health benefits of connection with the Earth is nothing really new…rather it is a modern revival of knowledge that has been known to past cultures. It is hard to nail down documentation for this, however, since being barefoot or using hide footwear (which allows conduction of the Earth’s energy into the body) was a common lifestyle in many parts of the world.
    Would you have a reference for Crazy Horse’s barefoot practice other than what was mentioned in the Bear Heart book?
    Martin Zucker


    • Molly Larkin

      Thank you, Martin. Unfortunately, The Wind Is My Mother is the only place I’ve ever heard that reference to Crazy Horse. So much of Native wisdom has been passed down orally and never made it into any books. I was lucky that Bear Heart told me. Thank you for your contribution to the Earthing book. It is a true gift to the world. Sincerely, Molly

  3. Martin Zucker

    By the way, congratulations for having your book reprinted after all those years. That is surely one good indicator of a good book.

    • Molly Larkin

      Thank you very much.

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