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If you’re looking for methods of improving your health, your self-care and helping others, today’s podcast episode on Spiritual Healing is for you. My guest is spiritual healing practitioner and instructor David Karg. David and I are both USA trainers for England’s The Healing Trust, the largest energy healing organization in Europe. Learn more at: www.nfsh-thehealingtrusttraining.org


My guest today is a friend and colleague, David Karg, who’s a Spiritual Healing practitioner and a trainer, or tutor as it’s called in England,  for England’s The Healing Trust.

Welcome, David

What is Spiritual Healing?

Energy healing, or Spiritual Healing, is the act of restoring balance of body, mind and spirit of the patient, their whole being. It’s natural, non-invasive and holistic and has the intention of promoting self-healing on all levels of the body, mind and spirit. And to bring a sense of well-being and peace to the patient. That’s the short definition.

That’s an excellent definition and reminds me of the Native American definition of “medicine” is anything that helps people, but also balancing mind, body and spirit. So obviously that’s what your Spiritual Healing work does.


Tell me about the Healing Trust. What’s the history, how did it come into being?

It’s very interesting. Its headquarters is in the UK. It was started by a very famous healer named Harry Edwards. He founded the NFSH, the  National Federation of Spiritual Healers in 1955. He was so popular back then, he was very high profile. He did demonstrations  before 6,000 people in the Royal Albert Hall. People flocked to see him because he was so well known for having such profound results. As a result of his popularity, he was able to get this work certified and accepted by the national health system in England. It’s like our Medicare saying, “you want to go to a spiritual healer? Then we cover that.” They do that in England.

The Healing Trust, called the National Federation of Spiritual Healers – The Healing Trust, the Department of Health and Complementary and Natural Health Care Counsel licensed  certain organizations they feel are reputable and should be compensated by the national healthcare system for their work. The CNHC covers Spiritual Healing, therefore the work is covered by the government, so that’s very impressive.

One other thing about Harry Edwards – he started in 1935 and for the next 40 years he did healing work. He was so well thought of that he was able… you have to understand that the allopathic community is very guarded about giving any of their power away. Harry used the approach of telling doctors that this modality is not to replace you. We’re here to be complementary. If you break a bone, you go to the doctor to have it set. If you want it to heal faster, we’re there to help. Brilliant. Healers are in hospitals in England and that’s the goal we’re working towards in the US.

We’re getting some exposure in the medical community. Our goal is to have healers in hospitals.

I also heard that before he got acceptance by the National Health Service, he wrote to many hospitals in England asking if they’d let spiritual healers come in and work and quite a few said yes. When the National Health Service found out, they said, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, what is this?” Then sat down and had a meeting with Harry Edwards and by the time it concluded, they accepted Spiritual Healing.

I think his approach may have been, “I am not a threat to the medical community. I’m not alternative. I’m complementary.” I think that’s how he sold it. That’s my opinion.

Yes, and he may also have given a healing demonstration.

Well, he was so well known, it was so documented.

David, how did you personally get interested in healing?

When I retired from my “regular job” I intended to go back to school and take some college courses. I had an exciting job as a manufacturer’s rep but it wasn’t totally mentally stimulating. Although I enjoyed it, my goal when I retired was to go back to school and take college courses. Since I had more time, I was becoming involved in my local Unity Church, a new thought, metaphysical organization and I found out they offered classes and I started to take them. I ended up taking 250 hours of classes and ended up being certified as a licensed Unity teacher.

Unity was started as a healing ministry. The co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore, she and her husband Charles started the movement. She over a period of….it took her two years, but she healed herself of tuberculosis. Now this was in the late 1800s when TB was a death sentence, no one survived it. She was able to heal herself through the application of spiritual principles, energy healing and obviously after that she had many followers and she passed it onto others. So I really got into it. I was interested in taking the classes and learning more about healing. Then I met different healing classes. This work was taught at Unity at one point. I took the class and became hooked.

In talking about Myrtle Fillmore, you mentioned two terms: healing and cure. Is there a difference?

Thank you for asking. There’s a huge difference. Any discussion of healing needs to address the difference. Most people use the term interchangeably but there’s a big difference. Let’s discuss what a cure is: you go to the doctor and your symptoms are high blood pressure. He’ll prescribe a pill to reduce your blood pressure; and it does. It takes away symptoms, but what happens when you stop taking the pill? The blood pressure comes back. It increases when you discontinue the pill. The pill just takes away the symptoms; it doesn’t address the cause.

In this case, let’s say the cause is stress. So the pill is only addressing the symptoms so it’s a cure.  The definition of cure is relief of disease, but it says nothing about cause. What healing does is address the cause. If the cause is stress, as a spiritual healer we go in and .. let’s say the energy of stress is held on the emotional level. And we don’t need to know where it’s held because the healing energy itself is intelligent and knows exactly what to do. But as we’re channeling that healing energy it is working on the emotional body and reducing the stress which will eventually equate in the body as less stress and less disfunction so the blood pressure will be normalized. So, we’re talking about addressing healing… that’s why we call it Spiritual Healing, not curing, because it’s addressing the cause. There’s  a huge difference.

There used to be a term thrown around a lot, psychosomatic, implying that an illness is in a patient’s head and not real. Today we know there’s a huge nebtak if psychological aspect to illness or health. Can you address that, please.

This is another huge subject. The psychosomatic, the mind, and the effect on the body. What’s interesting is there’s a lot of science around it. We’ve all heard of the placebo effect where the patient is given a sugar pill and they think it’s the real thing and it’s going to cure them. And in fact the symptoms go away and they feel better, but in fact, it’s just a sugar pill and not a medication. So what is causing the change in the body? Its the mind of the person and the affect it has on the body.

Let me tell you some science about it. More and more research is being done. One of the first breakthroughs for the public was Deepak Chopra’s book in 1989, Quantum Healing. And what this book addressed was the tremendous connection between the mind and the body. The health or disfunction of the body. The effect that the mind had on the body.

Then Bruce Lipton wrote a book called The Biology of Belief in 2005 and he actually proved that every cell in our body has a consciousness. The cells are talking to each other. It’s estimated we have 60 trillion cells in the body. Well, if they’re all communicating with each other and they all have a consciousness, what science is proving, and quantum physics is also proving, is that through our actions, thoughts and deeds, are impacting our consciousness at the cellular level talking to one another. You have 60 trillion of these guys talking to one another, and if the patients telling them, I know I’m going to get well, I’m getting better, I have faith this is going to work. They’re going to listen to that. The consciousness of what we’re putting out affects us physically.

And there’s also the reverse: I can’t get well, I’ll never heal. The reverse is going to happen. Our consciousness is going to affect us physically.  So the mind-body connection is absolutely huge. I can’t speak of it enough. That’s one thing we stress in this healing work.

You recently told me a wonderful story about how you talk to your cells, and I’ve started doing it. So I’d like you to tell our audience how you talk to your cells to maintain your health.

You know, it’s funny, when I get up one of the things I do in the morning, one of the things I do is meditate and try to start off in a positive manner and being positive and being open has a lot to do with it. I have a little jingle: Every little cell in my body is happy, every little cell in my body is well. You do that a couple of times and it peps you up, and you come alive. And remember, all 60 trillion cells are talking and listening. So yes, it works.

I love that and I’ve started doing it. It makes me feel really good. What responsibility does the healing practitioner have to their own self-healing?

Boy, you’re really asking some great questions. This is another huge one. You’re hitting on some key points here. What responsibility do we have as healers? First of all, if we are going to do Spiritual Healing, which involves channeling, using divine energy through our bodies, we need to keep our bodies in the highest vibration, in the best shape as possible. That’s a big responsibility.

What we don’t have we can’t give. We have to have the diet, the exercise, have a positive attitude. We have to treat ourselves with kindness. The higher our consciousness is, the better able we are to be that channel through which the energy flows. It’s a huge responsibility. We have to keep ourselves tuned up. We heal ourselves first and then we heal others.

So my next question is: what responsibility does the client have in their healing process.

Another great question. They have a large responsibility. I think you might have an idea of what I might say, based on the mind/body connection. One of the responsibilities they have is, somebody walks into the spiritual healer, or energy healer and says, prove it, or I don’t think this will work. First of all, they have a responsibility, if they’re going to avail themselves of this modality, they have to believe this is possible for them as well. Their mind must be positive. They must understand that in the end, all healing is self-healing. If you don’t believe you can heal, guess what, probably not. Because you really have to accept this. You’re accepting this divine energy and must say, yes, heal, I’m allowing this divine presence to come in because I want to be healthy and whole and happy. And I accept this.

So the healee has a responsibility… the healer has to be a receptive vessel and the healee has to also be a positive, receptive vessel.  You combine the two, you have the synergistic effect and beautiful healings occurring, but both parties have a responsibility. The healer and the healee.

I think of healing as a process, not an event. Some of my clients come in and hope for a miracle cure in the first session. While that can happen, it usually takes a number of sessions. What is your take on that?

One of the things in this kind of work, there’s always the one time miracle that happens in an instant. And yes, that can happen. There are instances where an instant healing happens, but this really. . .and I like you saying it’s a process… we need to honor that process because we’re healing on all levels of the body. There’s much involved here as far as energetic change, and that needs time  to filter through the energetic field, the energy field of the patient.

So typically a client comes in and asks how many sessions will I need and I’ll say you should plan on 3 or 4 sessions, let’s see how it goes over a period of 45-60 days, depending on what the issue is. We need to realize it is a process. We don’t want to go bing, bing, bing right in a row. We want to give each session time to work, time for the body to accept the energy and do what it needs to do. So it is a process.

Can you tell us how The Healing Trust class program works. How many classes are there? Is there a certification program? Do  you mentor your students?

Great question. The Healing Trust, as you know, is accepted by the government and has a prestigious presence in the U.K. and one reason is because of their commitment to quality and training. This is a professional organization. Number one, anyone training, and my partner and I, Karen Coratelli-Smith, we are healing partners and are both certified healers and tutors. That’s The Healing Trust term for instructors. So we instruct this work together.

The first thing we do, when we have a class is let our students understand that the whole organization is based on a Code of Conduct. It’s a lengthy code that goes into great detail on the law, what we do as healers, how we treat clients. It goes into great depth and needs to be studied very intently in order to receive a certification from The Healing Trust.  And there’s over 60 hours of class training: four different classes, 60 hours of actual class training, you must have at least 40 hours of healing work that is certified. In other words, Karen and I are mentors to our students. They come to us with questions. We sign off on their log book where they log all these healings and classes. We’re there to support each student one on one.

The requirement is we need at least six or more mentoring sessions each for our students so they are totally guided along the way. You have local mentors and a beautiful organization, The Healing Trust, with phenomenal classes with all the work outlined and a code of conduct which is a wonderful tool. It leaves nothing to the imagination. When a certificate is handed to a student on graduation, and passing their panel interview, that’s their certification to become a healer. In their panel interview, they have to demonstrate the knowledge of the Code of Conduct, knowledge of the Healing Act, and when they do that, they’re ready.

The other thing is that, Karen and I, for the past seven years, we’ve been holding a Community Healing session once a month where we invite the public to come in for healings. Over the past seven years we’ve worked with over 2000 people.  And we’ve worked with over 500 students learning the work.

If a person shows you a Healing Trust membership card, you know they are well-prepared for what they are going to do.

Can anyone take your classes? What does it take to go through your classes and become a healing practitioner.

Karen and I like to say, anyone can do this work. But it’s the desire to do it. It’s the mental aspect. You want to serve others… some people say, I don’t want to take that because I don’t want to do this as a job or profession and I go, no, no, no, you don’t have to have the goal of being a professional. Look at it this way, if you learn Spiritual Healing, who do you heal first? Yourself. And you’ve got your family and friends. Even if you never do this work professionally, you have your family and your friends. Anyone can do this work if they have an honest desire to serve, and I would highly recommend looking into the training.

People can get in touch with David by going to our website: NFSH-TheHealingTrustTrainingUSA.org and both myself and David, and Karen Coratelli-Smith are the tutors here in the United States for the organization and you can find our contact information there.

David: any last words?

One of the things I’m really strong on and brought all the work, the training I’ve been through, and understanding that this is a process of channeling divine energy through one, I’ve begun to not only know, but to feel in my entire being, the power that is within all of us. I just want everyone to understand that within them is a huge, huge power, the power of their consciousness to create their reality. When you see what can be done with this work, when you see what can be done by someone’s attitude and self-talk. Every little cell in my body is happy.

This work affects the consciousness and reality. People are looking outside of themselves when in fact we already have it. This is the biggest thing this training has taught me… that what we need we already have. We’re looking for it in the wrong place. I leave everyone with the thought that it’s not out there, it’s in us. And through training like this, and through opening up  and raising our consciousness, we can create the reality of our dreams.

Wonderful, thank you so much. So David, and as you said, Karen, teach classes in the Naples FL area. I will be teaching classes in New Mexico. We heartily encourage you to look at our website: NFSH-TheHealingTrustTrainingUSA.org, take a look at the curriculum and consider whether this might be an appropriate pursuit for you. Because it’s also great for self-healing.

I just thought of one other thing, Molly. This work, because people are listening all over, this work can be done distantly. Healing energy is not limited by time or space. I can do this across the street, across the state and across the world. I just want everyone to realize it can be done on the phone.

Thank you.  That’s very important. Healing energy is not limited by time or space. Thank you so much, David, for this excellent interview. Very fascinating.

That was Spiritual Healing practitioner David Karg from Naples Florida.  If you’re interested in receiving a healing session from David or myself, or in taking our classes, check out our website: www.NFSH-TheHealingTrustTrainingUSA.org or you can contact me at peace@mollylarkin.com

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