Connect with the cosmos with the Piko Piko Breath

piko piko breath

There may be no better way to rise above the daily grind than through breathwork, and The Piko Piko Breath is one of the best ways I’ve found.

Kahunas, the shamanic practitioners of Hawaii, use the Piko Piko Breath to both relax and energize the body. It can work for anyone, and can give a real sense of the expansiveness of the universe.

The word “Piko” means center, or naval.

Before Kahunas meditate or pray they use this breath to build up their Mana (Power) to get focused and in the right frame of mind for whatever they are about to undertake, particularly healing.

If you’ve been to Hawaii or watched the television show Hawaii Five-0, you know that Caucasions in Hawaii are referred to as “ haoles,“ [pronounced “howlies”] which means “without breath.”  This is because the Kahunas know that most Caucasians have lost the ability to do healthy, deep, slow breathing.

Why? Because modern life is full of stress, and our bodies are usually tense.

Also, in the words of Andrew Weil, M.D., “We’re a country obsessed with flat stomachs. But tight, rigid abdominal muscles crimp the action of the diaphragm, which needs to move easily in order to breathe.”

Piko Piko breathing is a method of releasing tension and relaxing the body by bringing your awareness to different areas of both the body and the natural world.

Focusing attention while breathing allows for deeper breathing to take place, which enhances health, and puts one in a meditative state.

Also, breathing from and to various areas creates a beautiful ball of energy around the body, and helps you feel connected to the cosmos.

Instructions for The Piko Piko Breath

Sit comfortably with your spine straight, arms and legs uncrossed, and your hands resting comfortably on your lap. As you practice this breath technique over time, try to lengthen the inhale and exhale:

1) Inhale through your nose allowing the abdomen to expand, and exhale through your mouth allowing the abdomen to fall. Repeat.

2) Place your attention at the top of your head, and feel a connection to all that is above you. Visualize breathing in through the top of your head. Then visualize breathing out through the navel. Repeat.

3) Visualize breathing in the stars from above. Then visualize breathing out through your feet to the earth below. Repeat.

4) Visualize breathing in through the shoulders. Visualize breathing out to the earth below. Repeat.

5) Visualize breathing in the horizon. Visualize breathing out the navel. Repeat.

6) Visualize breathing in the future from above. Visualize breathing out the past through your feet. Repeat

Now start to move your fingers and toes, and rub your hands on your legs to bring back sensation.

This is a good breathing technique for helping you feel centered and connected to nature and the cosmos. Use it any time you feel you need centering, or before healing or …. Any time at all.

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