Why we should stop before starting

stop before startingIn today’s hurry-up world, people often start the day in a rush so as to get everything done. But I’d like you to consider why we should stop before starting anything.

Clearing, balancing, reviewing will actually give you a better start to the day, or any activity, than rushing into it.

Here are some examples of stopping before starting:

  • Chanting “Om” before yoga
  • Athletes who do “mental rehearsal” visualizations before performing
  • Pausing before speaking so you can take a breath and exhale, re-energizing your body and mind
  • Before answering a question, stop and consider how you want to answer rather than give an answer you’ll regret
  • Take time to access your inner guidance
  • Start and end every endeavor with a smile, a teaching from the Maya

Before you start or say “yes” to anything, stop and ask yourself

  • Do I want to do this?
  • Who will it benefit?
  • What will happen if I don’t?

The Maya teach that we should of start and end each day at zero: zero anger, anxiety, stress, guilt, etc. Take the time to cleanse yourself energetically so you have a fresh start to the day, or to the blessed ceremony of sleep.

My two favorite times of the day are morning and bed time.

In the morning, you want to connect with Spirit to light your internal light. I recommend rising before the sun and greeting the day with song, drum, prayer and meditation, and setting your intentions for the day.

This will actually give you a running start on the day. You’ll be clearer, calmer and more energized and efficient.

As part of “starting each day at zero”, the Maya teach you should begin each day by visualizing:

Nothing before me

Nothing behind me

Nothing to my left

Nothing to my right

Nothing above

Nothing below

In the evening, bedtime gives us time to decompress, relax, return to zero and enter the dreamtime. Before you go to sleep, check your emotional state and clear yourself.

Review the day:

  • Did anything happen today that didn’t feel good? Why? How can I let it go? How can I change it? What do I need to transform?
  • Take out the garbage, meaning your internal, emotional garbage
  • Cleanse the solar plexus [see below]
  • Talk to the Divine and ask what you need to transform
  • Take 10-15 min each night to cleanse yourself energetically and emotionally
  • Go to sleep at zero and wake up at zero

We’ve all heard the teaching, “never go to bed mad at your partner.” Even if you don’t have a partner, never go to bed mad at anyone! Clear it out.

How to cleanse the solar plexus

Every time we have an interaction with another, there is an exchange of energy. Sometimes, particularly in a negative interaction, the other person’s energy stays with you. This is an exercise for releasing what you don’t need or want.

Do this process by a window or in the bathroom – the place where you cleanse yourself.

Stand still and take a few deep, cleansing breaths.

Visualize cords coming out of your solar plexus and extending out a very long way; also visualize cords coming out your back and extending a long way. These are the energetic cords of negative energy someone else has left with you.

Visualize holding a light saber or sword in one hand, with violet light radiating from it.

Say, “I release and send back to where it came from anything that does not belong to me.”   The phrase, “anything that does not belong to me” is what’s key here.

Then cut the cords, front and back, with your imaginary sword.

I recommend doing this every night before bedtime and every morning upon awakening.

Our job is to share the light everywhere, always. In the supermarket, getting gas, driving in traffic. Make the world a better place. Be kind, always.

By starting and ending each day at zero, you’ll increase your light and make a contribution to the world, which needs it more than ever.

Apache blessing

May the sun bring you new energy by day

May the moon softly restore you by night

May the rain wash away your worries

May the breeze blow new strength into your being

May you walk gently through the world and know

It’s beauty all the days of your life.



Molly Larkin

Molly Larkin is the co-author of the international best-seller "The Wind Is My Mother; The Life and Teachings of a Native American Shaman”  and other books on health. She is passionate about helping people live life to their fullest potential through her classes, healing practice and blog at www.MollyLarkin.com

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