Try Vegan Bone Broth to stave off hunger and even lose weight

vegan bone brothThis is a guest post on vegan bone broth by Niketha Thomas 

There are many diets out there that are tailored to multiple ways of eating: low carb, low fat, high fat, high protein, no protein, high carb…the list goes on and on. However, articles are just now starting to come out of the woodwork and inform people on the advantages of a no-animal cruelty whatsoever diet called a vegan diet. And a vegan bone broth diet has many, many positive impacts on the body.

Gelatin as Healing

Boiling animal bones does not get you a vegan-friendly meal of any sort. So, a vegan “bone” broth is made up of boiling mushrooms, vegetables, and sea vegetables (like seaweed) to obtain its liquid broth. The gelatin in all of these resources does everything from help promote the collagen in your body to aid in skin elasticity, fight off wrinkles, and give you more energy. Even if you just wanted to add it to a meal instead of making the broth your meal, it will still give you all of the nutritional properties and healing powers of what you have boiled.

Stable Mental Health

Vegan bone broth has the potential to help with brain functions and brain impairments. All of the nutrients and the collagen stimulate healing in the brain, which helps to override many chemical imbalances due to an unhealthy diet. This healthier mental perception can drive how you view yourself, how you view your work throughout your days, and can stimulate weight loss merely by raising your mood and flushing the cortisol in your fatty tissues from your body so that your metabolism can work at a much better rate.

Keep Diabetes Away!

Vegan bone broth has also been proven to reduce the chances of diabetes, and even help keep it in check! It helps with the sugar levels in your blood by regulating everything running through your system. For example, if you have ingested a certain amount of stevia that day because you are a diabetic and were craving a sweet treat, that still affects your blood sugar levels, just not as much. The bone broth works its way into your system, helps regulate your blood sugar levels, and helps flush that stevia out of your system so that it does not wreak anymore havoc on your body. Not everything that is sugar-free is good for your body, and the bone broth helps to restore the balance.

Better Blood Flow

Vegan bone broth recipes are also known to help increase blood flow throughout your body. This improves not only your brain, but also your muscle health and your sexual health. It helps, little by little, to clean out the arteries in your heart so that your blood can flow better, it helps to stimulate your veins so that they are more efficient at providing transit for your blood throughout your body, and this leads to protection of things in your body that mean the most. Bone protection, tissue protection, and organ protection are all stimulated by better blood flow throughout your body.

How Is It Made?

Now that you understand the beautiful benefits of this bone broth, we can simplify how to make it: freeze your vegetable scraps. Things like the stems of mushrooms, the stems of parsley, and potato skins. Put them in a jar or resealable bag and freeze them overnight. When you have a quart of leftovers, simply place them in a slow cooker, add two quarts of water, ½ teaspoon of sea salt, and a 2-inch piece of edible seaweed. Heat on high until it boils, then reduce to low for 2-3 hours. Stir, strain, and drink!

Vegan Bone Broth for Weight Loss?

Think about it: a “bone” broth diet is a massive restriction of caloric intake, and because your body is taking in much more liquid than it is used to, then your body will begin discarding excess water that it is holding on to. The caloric restriction will cause your body to burn excess fat stores for energy, and the overall improved health of your bones, muscles, and tissues will enable your metabolic rate to skyrocket. This, in turn, burns more fat no matter the amount of “bone” broth you intake, and you also reap the nutritional benefits of your organs working at optimal health. Want better results? Pair something like this with some popular weight loss programs available in market.You will not be able to go wrong, I promise you.

A bone broth diet has many natural benefits.

  • It eliminates unnecessary animal fat which, if taken in in large proportions, can lead to heart disease and high cholesterol;
  • it promotes the healthy functioning of your organs;
  • it can help you with the aging process by rejuvenating your skin’s elasticity;
  • it can help increase blood-flow, which promotes healthy functioning of the brain;
  • and it most certainly helps with weight loss.

It can also keep your chemical balances in check, flush unnecessary cortisol from system, and help your metabolism straighten itself out and work for you at its most efficient. The benefits are great, and it’s no wonder that it is making such waves in the health community. Better than that, it is backed by science that has proven these specific benefits and outcomes, and it has been recommended by doctors time and time again for people who are on many different medications at once.

Vegan bone broth is not just a healthy alternative with massive benefits, either. It is a movement against animal cruelty. By addressing it as “bone” broth, it shows that there are other ways to obtain exactly the same benefits of true bone broth without all of the animal slaughtering and cruelty behind obtaining those bones in the first place. The vegan and vegetarian community have been tweaking recipes for quite some time because they knew there was a way to get these benefits from things the earth produces instead of from the animals we so heartlessly slaughter to our benefit. And they have succeeded. This is the tried-and-true method of vegan “bone” broth, and it gives the exact same benefits…and, in some recipes, more benefits…than tried-and-true animal bone broth.

If you are looking for something easy to make that has the best types of outcomes you could expect, then look no further than vegan bone broth. The benefits greatly outnumber any other broth recipes and diets out in the market today, and you are wholly and completely in control of what you put in it. The beauty of it is that it is convenient to make, easy to control, and you can drink it at any point in time during the day, or even make it the basis of pasta and soup recipes for a healthy kick to your already-healthy lifestyle. Consider adding a reputable weight loss supplement to this regimen if you want to boost your weight loss and help control your appetite throughout the day. However, no matter how you use it or what you choose to add with it, the benefits and testimonies speak for themselves.

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